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NO REASON by Scentorita Fragrance is a great everyday fragrance. our impression of YvesĀ Saint Laurent Y Really fresh with that prominent fresh apple scent. No Reason EDP perfume is easy 4 seasons fragrance very versatile. smells sweet and fresh.

inspired by: YSL Y

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No Reason Eau de Parfum

Similar In Style and Identity to YSL Y.

NO REASON by Scentorita Fragrance Pakistan our impression of YSL Y is a modern masterpiece. Extremely versatile, bold, and unique, especially for a blue fragrance. Sillage is enormous, and projection lasts around 1 to 2 hours (depending on conditions) where the sweet and citrusy combination of bergamot, apple, and ginger effortlessly cut through the air. No Reason inspired by YSL Y fragrance then dries down to a sweet and soft amber scent that is enjoyable but not as powerful as the immense top notes. Great fragrance and a good signature fragrance for many people, has a different and clear scent to it compared to the other blue fragrances of the industry such as Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel. No Reason EDP is a must-have in your fragrance collection.

our impression of YSL Y.
people also wrongly searched for YSL why, ysl y impression fragrance Pakistan.
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2 reviews for No Reason EDP

  1. white rose (verified owner)

    i love YSL and especiallty Y perfum. and was thinking before ordering from brand new site because got many failed products. but thanks God, this time impression of YSL Y was spot on. good lasting and sillage. best of luck.

  2. shehzad akber (verified owner)

    YSL Y is one of the top complimented fragrance in my collection. Best YSL y impression i have ever tried. Good job Scentorita

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